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Here you can find the latest news from Nimrod Veterinary Products including; product updates, exhibitions, our work with charities, industry news and other information on veterinary medicine in our fields of expertise.

Geepenil-vial-Nimrod Veterinary Products

Nimrod brings back benzylpenicillin sodium for horses

Benzylpenicillin sodium powder, for making up an aqueous solution for injection, is available again in the UK as an authorized product for horses.  It has been absent from the market for several years.  The product, Geepenil Vet Powder, is being marketed by Nimrod Veterinary Products. Managing Director of Nimrod, veterinary…

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Farmwatch research project China

Nimrod involved in FarmWatch research project

FARMWATCH is a research project using bioinformatics and machine learning to find new ways to identify and pinpoint disease in poultry farms in China with the aim of reducing the use of antibiotic treatment. The £1.5m project is a partnership between researchers from the University of Nottingham’s School of Veterinary…

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Improved SELEKT Mini-Drencher for Sheep, Goats and Calves

We have improved the SELEKT Mini-Drencher by adding an elastic head-piece to help keep the gag in place when drenching the animal. Also, having received feedback from vets, we have shortened the gag to make it more suitable for small ruminants, especially young calves. The SELEKT Mini-Drencher is for use with…

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