SELEKT Ruminants

Rehydration saves cows’ lives

Early intervention with fluid therapy is vital in reducing the risk of metabolic disease and improving recovery. Today, the farmer has the benefit of modern sensor-technology providing alerts on any changes in the status of the cow’s metabolic health, thus allowing immediate action with fluid therapy, if indicated. This helps the vet achieve much greater treatment success.

  • SELEKT Equipment

    The SELEKT equipment is the best of its kind in the world. Its design incorporates a unique set of features for the safety and comfort of the cow. It is light, robust and easy to use. Repairs and servicing are simple, and all its parts can be replaced.

    The SELEKT Pump-Drencher allows one person unaided to deliver 20 litres of fluid into the rumen in less than two minutes. The SELEKT Collector allows the collection of two litres of rumen liquor for transfaunation, microscopy or pH testing. The SELEKT Junior Drencher is for use in heifers, young stock and small breeds and the SELEKT Mini Drencher is for use in sheep and goats.

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    SELEKT System Equipment
  • SELEKT Formulae

    The SELEKT formulae are for rehydration and clinical nutrition of cows and other adult ruminants. There are seven formulae in the range. They are designed for use under veterinary direction in a number of dehydrating and/or metabolic conditions and for animals at risk of them.

    Nimrod has special expertise in this field, and regularly trains veterinary practitioners and students on the proper use of the SELEKT formulae. We are always pleased to receive requests for speaking at conferences and meetings, or for informal training in this field.

    SELEKT Fresh Cow 500