Nimrod joins PPORA as Sponsor

We’re pleased to announce Nimrod Veterinary Products Ltd is now a PPORA Sponsorship Partner. PPORA is the Point to Point Owners and Riders Association and we’re joining them on The Road To Stratford as sponsors of the North Region and South & East Region Young Horse Awards.

Nimrod Founder and Managing Director, David Renney, is a passionate supporter of Grassroots Point to Pointing, and, as a former dual award winner, also has a strong association with the PPORA’s Grassroots Awards:

“We’re very happy to support these awards which attract attention within the sport and beyond. Horse vets are an important customer for us, and many are involved in Point to Pointing through providing cover at meetings, as well as being owners and riders. Our previous involvement in Point to Point sponsorship has been a great conversation starter at a variety of events and so we are very pleased to extend it in this way.”

Announcing the Nimrod Veterinary Products Limited’s support for these awards PPORA Chairman Robert Killen said:

“I am pleased to be welcoming a new sponsor for  this season’s PPORA Road To Stratford Awards – especially so because David is not only an avid supporter of Pointing, but also a true grassroots participant and  a former winner of the 2013 PPORA Dick Woodhouse Award and the 2013 South Midlands Area Young Horse Award. 

Click here to read some memories of David’s involvement with Pointing, and for some reflections on how – if at all our sport should change.  It’s an interesting read, with some insightful answers –