Nimrod and Enalees announce their partnership

Enalees and Nimrod announce their partnership to introduce Enalees’ veterinary products in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Maximizing the potential of Enalees’ breakthrough point-of-care technology demands a thorough knowledge of the veterinary field and unmet needs, which Nimrod will bring to the table, together with a unique view of the British and Irish markets and the ability to support Enalees’ product launches, sales and distribution.

Enalees’ tests are designed to diagnose equine infectious diseases directly in the clinic or in the field, without the need to send samples to an external laboratory. A first panel of tests was launched in France beginning of 2019 for respiratory disease, and a second panel of tests was launched at the spring for isolated fever syndrome diseases. A few months after the launch, more than 30 veterinary equine French clinics already use these tests, all under the “Epona” brand name ( Enalees’ tests are based on a molecular analysis that identifies the targeted microbial DNA. They provide a result that is as sensitive and specific as molecular PCR tests, and can be performed at the veterinary clinic or in the field within 40 minutes, allowing veterinary surgeons to expedite diagnosis and treatment of the animal.

D.J. Renney, (pictured below) CEO and founder of Nimrod Veterinary Products, said “Our business model is to make or find novel tools for the veterinary surgeon, particularly ones that will benefit from our expertise and technical support. The Epona tests fulfil those criteria perfectly. They will make it easier for vets to help clients control infectious diseases, and offer a new business opportunity for practices.”

Laurent Thiery, PhD, CEO & Co-Founder of Enalees, points out how the company is currently planning future product developments: “On the basis of the know-how and experience we have acquired from our equine products, Enalees will soon launch additional assays for cats and dogs, on the same system”.

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