SELEKT Equine-the best for your horses


The best for your horses

“The SELEKT Pump is fantastic, it never goes wrong, and I could not do without it. It is particularly useful for administering large doses of psyllium when treating a sand colic medically.”
Aoife Byrne, MRCVS, Cert AVP

  • SELEKT Equipment

    The SELEKT Pump is ideal for the equine practice, because it is not only light and easy to use, but also capable of aspirating the stomach contents from horses with ileus.

    SELEKT Equine Equipment
  • SELEKT Restore

    SELEKT Restore clinical nutrition provides the electrolytes required for correction of dehydration and maintenance of fluid balance. It also provides the electrolytes lost heavily by horses in sweat: calcium and magnesium. It is a highly palatable formulation that nearly all horses will drink.

    SELEKT Restore